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The baling heavyweight.

Baling with the familiar bale measurements of 1.2 x 0.9 m.


The baling heavyweight.

Baling with the familiar bale measurements of 1.2 x 0.9 m.

Our intake capacity just keeps on growing.


  • Wide, controlled pick-up for loss-free crop pick-up
  • Folding castor guide wheels for hassle-free transport on public roads
  • Bales are particularly easy to transport and store, thanks to ROTO FEED or POWER FEEDING SYSTEMS
  • Pick-up variants for hay, silage and straw

Thanks to the wide pick-up, the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200 can even cope with very wide, irregular swaths, with no loss of valuable crop material:

  • Rapid and clean intake of harvested crop via controlled pick-up
  • Shock absorption by means of hydraulic accumulator suspension
  • Suspended guide wheels for optimal ground-contour following and protection of the grass cover, including at high speeds and when cornering
  • Patented roller crop press for accelerating the crop flow in all QUADRANT models
  • Short distance between the pick-up and rotor or feed rake for rapid transfer of the crop and high throughput


  • Transverse feed auger for increased and more uniform crop flow
  • Work faster and better, with more even crop flow: the POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS)
  • Enormous intake capacity even when processing large, non-uniform swaths

The four rows of tines, ideally spaced for thorough raking, guarantee superior results in the field. The twin spring steel tines are bolted firmly to four rugged U-shaped tine arms to withstand continuous and extreme loading and provide easy servicing. The crop is funnelled to the appropriate width for entering the baling chamber via the stub augers on either side of the wide pick-up mechanism (ROTO FEED) or via the continuous POWER FEEDING SYSTEM rollers. This produces firm bales highly compacted at the edges for excellent stability during transportation and storage.

The wider stars reduce the distance to the knife, further enhance the chop quality, and give maximum durability and working life. The unique combination of roller crop press and actively powered, continuous-feed auger makes your work easier.

Hydraulic feeder unit.

For the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200, CLAAS offers a hydraulically operated feed system. In this case, the rear roller crop press, the POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS) and the pick-up are hydraulically operated, with adjustable and reversible speeds.

The hydraulic drive enables the driver to adjust and optimise the crop flow according to the conditions.

The benefits of a hydraulic feed system are clear to see:

  • Individual adjustment to harvest crop conditions for greater forage protection
  • Greater adaptability to field conditions
  • Optimised crop flow
  • Reverse control from the cab, for maximum user-friendliness

Maximising the feed rate for an optimum crop flow is the priority for most harvest crops, but for lucerne ultra-gentle handling is paramount. The hydraulic feed system therefore enables the driver to take this into account and directly enhance the feed crop quality.


One of the benefits of tasty silage is an increase in your milk yield.

Energy-rich and tasty silage with proper lactic acid fermentation is crucial for high milk production in the dairy herd. The three essential ingredients are a short chop length, high baling pressure and the exclusion of oxygen. CLAAS ROTO CUT, with 18,000 cuts per minute, is currently one of the systems with the highest chopping frequency on the market, enabling chop lengths of 45 mm with excellent chop quality.

Benefits of ROTO CUT: more chops per minute.

  • Less time spent mixing in the feed mixer
  • Better forage quality
  • Less feed residue